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James Bae - Solicitor

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Experts in Australian Migration Law

Visa Plan is the migration arm of Bae Lawyers which provides comprehensive legal services across a broad spectrum of law. Bae Lawyers revels in prioritising the excellence of end results and our efficiency during the process.


Visa Plan is a team of registered migration agents and lawyers who take pride in securing people the visa(s) they need to enjoy a new life in Australia. We constantly strive to improve our professional capabilities so we can provide our clients with the best possible migration services and solutions with the minimum hassle.

We also seek to instil positive change within the industry by setting a leading example of being transparent, ethical and competent in our dealings with the public. Just like Australia’s highly multicultural society, we have multilingual migration agents from different backgrounds. Being able to speak your language allows us to truly understand your needs.

What sets competent boutique practices apart from others is their ability to provide attentive and personalised service. Nevertheless, this is largely dependent on the values, attitude and professionalism of the individuals who form the practice.


Organizational Value

Aiming for the

best Migration Firm

We guarantee our migration agents and lawyers are qualified and capable of handling your matters competently and diligently. You will always receive independent professional advice and judgement that is uncompromised by lack of knowledge or conflicts of interest.

Responsible Practice


We promise to continue working on your application until the best outcome is achieved. Throughout this process, you are entitled to have your questions and concerns addressed in a timely manner. You are also entitled to be kept informed of the progress of your case, and to request and receive copies of any relevant papers.



A lack of transparency in pricing is a widespread problem in the migration industry as agreed by many. Visa Plan acknowledges this industry-wide issue and endeavours to be the solution, leading the way in positive change. We strongly remind you that it is your right as a client to be charged for and demand a reasonable fee for migration services. One that is proportional to our professional input and consequential output.

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