Can I Migrate to Australia in 2020? What You Can Do

One of the many unfortunate consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is the drop in migration to Australia. The number of migrants is not quite zero, but for the time being, migration to Australia will remain very difficult whilst the strict lockdown measures remain in place. If you have been dreaming of migrating to Australia, you may feel things are difficult. That does not mean it will stay this way forever. 2020 can be a great time to get in touch with a migration agency like us and prepare your documents for the day when Australia opens its borders again.

By the Numbers

In March 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison provided an estimate for migration to Australia in 2020. The total? 34,000 for the year. If the pandemic had never happened, this number would have been expected to be around 270,000 migrants. There is a chance that you could be eligible to be amongst those 34,000, but for all intents and purposes the restrictions on border controls have been so rigid that you may end up having to wait until 2021, or whenever the borders begin to open up again.

Consequences for Australians

Keeping migrants out of Australia is not only affecting the migrants, but Australians are feeling the pinch, too. One of Australia’s major drivers of population and economic growth comes from immigration as the immigrants supply much needed skills to our labour market and investment into the local economy.

Can I Migrate to Australia in 2020?

As of August 2020, it would appear that chances are slim for the time being. Migration to Australia is not expected to pick up again until the pandemic subsides. When that may happen is really anyone’s guess, however, the government has been clear in saying that protecting the health of Australians takes precedence over everything else, including migration.

What Can We Expect Going Forward?

Whenever the lockdown measures begin to ease and borders open up again to international travel and migration, one thing’s clear: migrants will be in huge demand. In fact, the Australian Government has stated that the economic recovery will be shaped in large part by immigration.

Government Visa Quotas

Although travel to Australia is severely restricted and migration is difficult in 2020, the government still retains its existing visa ceiling for the 2020-21 years of 160,000 visas. This may not seem promising in 2020, but should the lockdown measures begin to ease and borders open up again, it’s good to know that there are plenty of visas available for prescriptive migrants. Of these 160,000 visas, the government plans to allocate them as follows:

Prepare for a Brighter Future

Nobody knows when migration to Australia will pick up again, but for the time being, it is a great idea to do your homework and plan for a brighter future. Consult as many resources as possible to learn more about how to apply for a visa to Australia and use your time to consult a migration expert to begin preparing your application well in advance.

Visa Plan

Get in touch with the friendly and professional migration experts at Visa Plan to learn more about your options for migrating to Australia.

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