858 Global Talent Visa

Subclass 858 Global Talent Visas are permanent visas for globally renowned individuals with proven and continuing records of outstanding achievements in eligible fields. 


858 Visa Criteria


Age Requirements

Applicants of all age groups are eligible to apply for this visa. However, if you are either under 18 years old or 55 years old and above at the time of application, you need to demonstrate that you can significantly contribute to the Australian community.

 The evidence you provide can include:

  • statement regarding your professional plans upon settling in Australia
  • job offer or employment in Australia
  • service agreements or business contracts in Australia
  • pitch-deck or business planning documentation for Australia
  • grants associated with planned research in Australia
  • membership or appointment on industry advisory boards or regulatory authorities in Australia.


Under 18 Years Old

If the candidate is under 18 years of age, they would face significant difficulty in demonstrating a sustained level of exceptional achievement in their field.

In the case of a sportsperson, candidates should be ranked in the top 5 for the same age group internationally. Other situations may be arguable, but the threshold for minor candidates is quite stringent. 

In any case, the exceptional benefit must be demonstrated to exist beyond the Australian community to be eligible for a Distinguished Talent visa.


Over 55 Years Old

If the candidate is 55 years old or more, they would also need to prove continuing exceptional benefit to the Australian community beyond the benefit generally required of other Distinguished Talent visa applicants in the eligible age group. 

This benefit must be immediately realised as well as be ongoing. Retired or retiring persons would not be suitable applicants for this subclass.


Subclass 858 Application Charges

First instalment payable at the time of application;

    • Base application charge: $4,710
    • Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is at least 18: $2,360
    • Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is less than 18: $1,180

Second instalment payable prior to visa grant;

      • Applicants aged 18 and over who do not demonstrate functional English: $4,890
      • Any other applicant: Nil


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