Subclass 103: Parent Visa

Australian citizens or permanent residents may sponsor their parents as permanent residents. Whilst this visa is not age-restricted and comparatively cheaper than other alternatives, the standard parent visa is limited to a handful number of applicants each financial year. This has resulted in an enormous backlog with the applications being processed over decades.

The assessment for this visa is comprised of 2 stages where:

  • Preliminary – The Department checks eligibility, and either add the application to the queue or refuse it; and
  • Final – The Department continues assessing the application, and makes a decision when a place becomes available.

Criteria for Grant

  • The applicants must be sponsored by a child who is a settled Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen; and
  • They must satisfy the “Balance of Family” test; and
  • They must not have any other pending parent visa application.

Balance of Family Test

Only living children are counted in this test. If the location of a child is unknown, they are assumed to be in their last known location. The test can be summarised in the following terms:

Are at least half of the applicant’s children eligible children living in Australia?


Are there more eligible children living in Australia than in any other single country?

Common scenarios in which the test is passed include where:

  • 1 eligible child resides in Australia with 1 other child in another country;
  • 2 eligible children reside in Australia, and 1 other child in country A, 1 other child in country B;
  • 3 eligible children reside in Australia, 2 other children in country A, and 2 other children in country B
    The first test is satisfied in the first two examples. In the third example, more children are in Australia than in any other country, thus satisfying the second test.

Relevant Public Interest Criteria:

4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005, 4009, 4010, 4020, 4021 and 4019 (if applicable).

Relevant Special Return Criteria:

5001, 5002 and 5010

Visa Conditions

The visa must specify the date for first entry. Additionally, the following conditions may be imposed:

8502: The holder of the visa must not enter Australia before the entry to Australia of a person specified in the visa.
8515: The holder of the visa must not marry or enter into a de facto relationship before entering Australia.

Application Fee

Subclass 103 is payable in 2 instalments.

  • Base application charge: $4,350
  • Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is at least 18: $2,173
  • Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is less than 18: $1,090
  • Second instalment: $2,065

Prior to the visa(s) being granted, the sponsors must provide a bond to be held for 10 years:

  • Sponsorship of single parent: $5,000
  • Sponsorship of two parents: $7,000