Subclass 188D: Premium Investor Visa

The premium investor stream is for individuals who can make ‘complying premium investment‘ which entails a minimum sum of $15,000,000 in Australia for the duration of the visa period. Despite the higher investment threshold, this stream presents clear advantages, such as:

  • No age threshold – same as 188C;
  • No points test – same as 188C;
  • Preferential processing – same as 188C;
  • No requirement to have an intention to reside;
  • No requirement to establish successful business or investment management records; and
  • Shorter provisional time of 12 months to be eligible to apply for a Subclass 888 visa.

Primary Criteria

  • Nomination is approved by Austrade;
  • Applicant must make a complying premium investment of at least $15,000,000; and
  • Applicant genuinely intends to hold the investment for the whole of the visa period.

Complying Premium Investment

To be a complying premium investment, the investment may be made through a managed fund or direct investment in any one of the following:

  • Securities listed on the ASX;
  • Bonds or notes issued by Commonwealth, State, Territory or Local Government;
  • Corporate bonds or notes issued by an ASX listed entity (or wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian listed entity) and rated ‘investment grade’ by a credit rating agency holding an Australian financial services licence;
  • Australian proprietary limited companies that operate qualifying businesses;
  • Deferred annuities issued by a company registered under the Life Insurance Act 1995;
  • Real property in Australia (via a managed fund only and subject to significant limitations); or
  • Philanthropic contribution approved by a State or Territory Government.

Switching Period

This term refers to a period from which the investor withdraws funds from the investment or cancels the investment, to which the investor makes the re-investment(s) with the funds. If the switching period is less than 30 days, the investment is taken to have continued during the switching period. Failure to reinvest the funds within 30 days may result in refusal or cancellation.

Application Charges

Subclass 188 visa is payable in 2 installments.

First Installment

  • Base application charge: $5,375
  • Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is at least 18: $2,685
  • Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is less than 18: $1,345

Second Installment

  • Primary applicant without functional English: $9,795
  • Secondary applicants who do not demonstrate functional English: $4,890