Prospective Marriage Visa Australia: All You Need To Know

Prospective Marriage visas

A detailed guide by Visa Plan, the top immigration consultants in Melbourne

It is a well-established fact that the Partner visa is an ideal means to let people sponsor their spouses or de facto partners for migration to Australia. Nevertheless, there is usually a concern with the expensive application fee for this visa.

In light of the strict threshold of a Subclass 801 visa, what could Australians do to bring their fiance or fiancee to Australia so that they could hold a memorable wedding ceremony in Australia?

This is where the Prospective Marriage Visa Australia comes into the picture!

Immigration consultants in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and other regions of Australia have lots of inquiries about the Prospective Marriage visas, and many people are making remarkable use of this visa… it is easy to see why.

Prospective Marriage Visa: Bare Essentials by our Top Australian Immigration Agent

The chief requirements for this visa include the following:

  • The visa applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • The partner whom the visa applicant intends to marry is the sponsor
  • The sponsor must also be at least 18 years old
  • The sponsor should ideally be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen

Apart from these basic requirements, the couple should also provide evidence that they have met in person and truly intend to get married to each other once the applicant’s visa is approved. It is also part of their requirements that there is absolutely nothing that is impeding the marriage between the two.

What is the cost for Prospective Marriage Visa Australia Application?

The cost for their Prospective Marriage visa application in Australia is $7,715. Upon the eventual marriage in Australia, there will be an additional fee of $1,285 to proceed with a Subclass 820 application.

Use of the Visa

Australian immigration agents or immigration consultants in Melbourne and different parts of the country can guide you on details of the Prospective Marriage visa Australia. 

In general, the visa is valid for a period of 9 months and allows the visa holder to travel to and out of Australia without any hassles. In addition, the visa does not impose any condition so they can pursue their studies or employment in Australia as long as the visa is valid. 

It is very important to note that the sponsor and the applicant should get married during the course of the validity of the visa. 

What happens when the sponsor and the applicant desire to continue living in Australia post marriage?

To continue living in Australia after the marriage, the holder of the prospective marriage visa should submit an application for the Onshore Partner Visa (subclass 820/801) through an Australian immigration agent in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or any part of Australia. 

It is worth noting that the cost of this additional Onshore Partner visa application is $1,285 with a valid Prospective Marriage visa.

Expiry of the Visa

A bridging visa is issued upon submitting a valid application for an Onshore Partner visa before the expiry of the Prospective Marriage visa. The applicant would then continue living in Australia lawfully on the bridging visa for the period until the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision on the Onshore Partner visa application.

Fortunately, the bridging visa is immediately and automatically (in usual circumstances) given on the moment when the Onshore Partner visa application is lodged, and is activated when the Prospective Marriage visa expires. 

On that note, it should be understood and complied that the bridging visa does not permit the applicant to travel out of Australia unless it is changed to a type of bridging visa with the travel condition.

Planning Your Prospective Marriage Visa Australia Right With Visa Plan

Visa Plan is a firm of registered migration agents and immigration lawyers in Melbourne, the most vibrant city of Australia, who take the utmost pride in securing people the visas they need to enjoy new lives in Australia. We constantly strive to improve our professional capabilities so we can provide our clients with the best possible immigration services and solutions with minimum hassles. Our visa application services ensure that all proceedings with judicial review lawyers in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia are a breeze. 

Our expert immigration consultants Melbourne have got you covered for all your Prospective Marriage visa application nuances!
Contact us for the best Australian immigration agent Melbourne has to offer for seamless proceedings of your Prospective Marriage visa.

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