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Skilled Visa


SkillSelect is an online service that enables skilled persons who are interested in obtaining an Australian visa to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) that includes information about their skills and other attributes. SkillSelect then issues invitations to apply to migrate based upon the ranking of the attributes of nominees, the passmark and subject to ceilings on occupation numbers.

SkillSelect also enables staff of certain State/ Territory government agencies and Australian employers to view relevant information in an intending migrant’s EOI. This information assists State/ Territory government agencies to identify persons who they may nominate to help meet labour market needs in their respective jurisdictions. Similarly, SkillSelect assists employers to identify skilled workers in circumstances where vacancies are unable to be met through the Australian labour market.

SkillSelect is a 3 stage process: 

  1. Intending migrants submit details of their qualifications, employment experience, English language ability and other information in their EOI.

  2. Intending migrants who possess the skills and qualifications needed in the Australian labour market and are sufficiently highly ranked will be invited to make a visa application or may be nominated or sponsored by an Australian employer.

  3. intending migrants make a visa application which is assessed and granted in circumstances where all criteria are satisfied.

t is a requirement for making a valid application for one of the following visa subclasses that the applicant has been invited to apply for that visa, through SkillSelect:

189 Skilled - Independent (Permanent) (Class SI)

190 Skilled - Nominated (Permanent) (Class SN)

491 Skilled - Skilled Work Regional (Provis​ional) (Class SP)

188 Business Skills - Business Innovation and Investmen​t (Provisional) (Class EB)

132 Business Skills - Business Talent ​(Permanent) (Class EA).

The power to issue an invitation rests with the Minister and this power has not been delegated. This power will be exercised through the SkillSelect system.

Essential information include:

  • Basic biodata including full name and date of birth;

  • Nominated occupation;

  • Qualifications;

  • Skilled employment experience;

  • English language ability;

  • Skills assessment; and

  • Other factors such as credentialed community language.

Skilled Visa