Subclass 870: Sponsored Parent Visa

This visa was introduced on 17 April 2019 as is a long term temporary visa which is available to parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens. It is a faster and more affordable alternative to many other options for parent visas. The application must be lodged outside Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply, the applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Have adequate health insurance;
  • Have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily for the duration of the visa;
  • Have been outside Australia for at least 90 days since the last departure on a previous Subclass 870 visa if re-applying for a Subclass 870 visa;
  • Have, or have access to, enough money to support the stay in Australia;
  • Have an approved Parent Sponsor who passes the Income Test;

Be the biological, legal (including adoptive) parent, step-parent or parent in-law of the Parent Sponsor;
There is no balance of family test or Assurance of Support requirements for this visa.

Income Test:

To pass the income test, the applicant to be a Parent Sponsor must have a taxable income in an amount equal to, or greater than $83,454.80, for the most recent financial year prior to lodging the sponsorship application.

If the test cannot be passed alone by the applicant to be a Parent Sponsor, they may combine the taxable income with their partner and/or another child of the prospective visa applicant who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen in order to exceed the threshold of $83,454.80. Nevertheless, the applicant’s share must be at least 50% of the combined taxable income in order to pass the income test.

Suitability As a Parent Sponsor:

The applicant to be a parent sponsor must not:

  • Be the sponsor for more than 2 people currently in Australia on Subclass 870 visas; or
  • Have committed a sponsorship fraud; or
  • Have outstanding debt to the Australian Government.

Relevant Public Interest Criteria:

4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4010, 4019, 4020 and 4021

Relevant Special Return Criteria:

5001, 5002 and 5010

Visa Conditions

The following conditions must be imposed on the visa:

8103: The holder must not undertake work in Australia without the permission in writing of the Minister.
8303: The holder must not become involved in activities disruptive to, or violence threatening harm to, the Australian community or a group within the Australian community.
8501: The holder must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while the holder is in Australia.
8531: The holder must not remain in Australia after the end of the period of stay permitted by the visa.
8550: The holder must notify the Minister of any change in the holder’s personal details not less than 2 working days before the change is to occur.
8564: The holder must not engage in criminal conduct.

Application Fee

Subclass 870 is payable in 2 instalments. The amount for the second instalment is dependent on how long the visa applicant wishes to stay in Australia.

  • First instalment: $1,000
  • Second instalment (visa less than 3 years duration): $4,000
  • Second instalment (visa more than 3 years duration): $9,000